Cleaning Tips

Got Nasty Stains?

Shelby’s Dry Clean Delivery Service understands you may want to try cleaning items yourself before bringing them in, so we have put together a collection of cleaning tips for you to try out! If they do not work for you, bring in your items for professional services to remove stains and get them cleaned up in no time. We serve those in St. Tammany and surrounding areas! Give us a call to learn more about our services today.


Contrary to the belief that hairspray will get the stain out, this will only deposit oil on the fabric. We highly recommend you bring it in for a professional cleaning.


First, harden the gum with ice so it becomes brittle. Then you can clip off the chunk. Wash normally to get out all of the sugar.


Sometimes, using white bread to rub the stain out will work, but you may need to bring in the item so you don’t get bread crumbs stuck in the fabric.


While chocolate is difficult to remove, you may be able to. Blot the stain with cold water and apply detergent, rinsing thoroughly. Next, apply ammonia if needed. If the item can be bleached, that may be your last resort if ammonia doesn’t remove the stain.


You should be able to get candle wax off of clothing by pressing the stained area between paper towels and ironing to absorb it.


Warm water mixed with white vinegar should remove sweat from clothing.

General Tips
  • Never iron clothing with deodorant on it, or it will never come out and damage the fabric.
  • Do not get sunscreen or tanning lotions on clothes, as it will cause permanent stains.
  • Never wash egg stains in hot water as it will set the stain, and never use acetone for stain removal as it can dissolve fabric.
  • Finally, if a stain is wet, do not rub it. Instead, try to absorb the moisture with paper towels.